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Mitchy is a senior, independent creative producer based in Amsterdam.

Mitchell (or Mitchy, as he's better known in the industry) has a reputation for being able to fix anything. He’s a top-notch people person and can manage any production, no matter the size, scale, or even altitude. Don’t let his baby face fool you, he’s been in this business for 10 years and could do it with his eyes closed.

His easy-going attitude and meticulous attention to detail have won over clients such as KLM, Heineken, DSM, ING Bank, Dutch Special Forces, Specsavers, LINDA., The Discovery Channel and Nickelodeon – to name just a few.

When he’s not in the office you can find him travelling the world, camera in hand.


—  Some nice things people have to say about Mitchy

“This guy has it all; he produces, while making jokes, while arranging other stuff, while having an opinion, while being fair, etc. I can keep going, it never stops. I personally enjoy working with him because of his straightforwardness, ability to see things coming and anticipating on them, his ‘I’m not avoiding the hard conversations we need to have’ attitude and last but not least, his ability to be that ‘fixer’ when stuff does happen. Because stuff happens on productions, and that’s when the good producers don’t fall. Mitch is one of them.”
— Jesse Mons | Digital Director at DDB & Tribal
“Working closely together on several projects, I have learned to know Mitchell as one of the most passionate people in film. Best describe him as a ‘rugged’ producer, who proves resourceful under any condition, either in the studio or the outback. Always a pleasure to work with, looking forward to the next project.”
— Elwin Beekman | Digital Project Manager at Media Monks